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Tailored supports to achieve your goals.

Our team has 24/7 registered nurse available. We can assist with complex wound care, stoma care, catheter care, insulin administration, exercises plan, SC injections (as per GP and medication management plan), Vit b12 injections, regular depot injections, pain management as per GP and pain specialist recommendations, and other medication management too.

Our services are designed to bring comfort and assistance to your doorstep, ensuring a seamless and supportive environment. From personal care to daily living activities, our trained caregivers are here to enhance your well-being and promote independence. 

At Scout Nursing, we understand the critical importance of a smooth transition from hospital care to the next phase of recovery/continuous care. Our After Hospital Support/Transition Care services are designed to provide comprehensive assistance and continuity of care for NDIS participants transitioning from hospital settings back to their homes/community.

Our dedicated team is here to assist with household tasks, making daily living more manageable for you or your loved ones. From light housekeeping to errands and meal preparation, we provide reliable and personalized support to ensure a comfortable and stress-free home environment.

Scout Nursing team will meet with you to learn about your goals and will work with you and your family/caregivers to develop a support plan to help you develop everyday skills, with a focus on confidence and independence.

Scout Nursing's friendly and supportive Support Coordinators will work with you to implement your NDIS plan and achieve your goals. 

SIL is best suited to NDIS participants with higher support needs. Scout Nursing offers SIL at client's home as well as we provide temporary accommodation for people with disabilities, helping them stay connected to the community. Short-Term Accommodation (STA) refers to a type of support that provides temporary and time-limited accommodation for individuals with disabilities.

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Our disability support services are for all NDIS participants. To make a referral please complete the following form or call us or email us.

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